October 8, 2018

Your Home’s Ductwork Could Be The Source Of High Energy Bills

The winter months can stress a home’s HVAC system especially if the home is located in an area where snow and ice are constants. The best thing you can do to ensure your unit is operable all winter long is to make sure you have it serviced before the cooler temperatures settle in. When you have your unit serviced the technician will perform a complete inspection. One of the most important services offered by HVAC professionals is the inspection of the ducts in your heating system.


Leaky Ducts Can Kill Your System

When the ductwork in your home is leaky, has malfunctioned or collapsed, it causes the HVAC system to work harder. The extra stress placed on your unit can actually shorten its lifespan. It should be noted that ductwork usually only last about 15 years. Here at Gehringer Mechanical Services, we recommend homeowners have the ductwork in their homes replaced every 10 to 15 years to prevent gaps, the invasion of pests or the collapsing of sections of their ductwork. Doing this will ensure you home will stay comfortable and evenly heated during the cold winter months.


Faulty Ductwork Drives Up Your Utility Bills

If you find that you are constantly turning up the temperature in your home when it’s cold outside, you could have some ductwork in your home that has either collapsed or has gaps in one or more places. Oftentimes, people when people begin to notice that their utility bills get larger each month, they just chalk it up to the winter weather and pay the bill. If you notice your utility bills are rising, and the temperature in your home is getting lower you could have a major failure in your duct system. Your HVAC technician can perform a blower door test to identify any problems. Your ductwork can be sealed if the leaks are minimal to save energy. Larger leaks require duct replacement to ensure the heat you pay for remains inside of your home verses underneath it.


Protect Your Family

When the integrity of your home’s ductwork has been compromised it can create a hazard for young children, the elderly and anyone with upper respiratory conditions. Holes or gaps in a home’s ductwork allows pollen, dust and other irritants and pollutants to go around the air filter in your home’s HVAC system and then enter and circulate throughout your home. The professionals here at Gehringer Mechanical Services can help you keep the air flowing throughout your home clean, and we can help you save on your heating bills this winter by ensuring the integrity of your home’s ductwork.

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