September 26, 2018

Fall Is Here! Time For Pumpkin Spice And Preventative Maintenance

The days are getting shorter, the night air is a little crisper, and pumpkin spice is making its way into everything. You know what that means: cold weather is just around the corner! October is the ideal time to schedule your heating system for its annual service and inspection before temperatures plummet, but do you really need to schedule one?

Is a heating system inspection necessary?

In a word? Yes. Regardless of the type of heating system installed in your home or business, an annual inspection is a necessary safety precaution and the best way to maximize the life of your system. In fact, the EnergyStar program (co-managed by the EPA and U.S. Department of Energy) has advised that “Proper maintenance by a qualified technician is one of the most important steps you can take to prevent future problems.

Safety should always comes first.

We rely on the mechanical systems in our homes and businesses to perform reliably with a minimal amount of direct interaction from us and, when that doesn’t happen, there is a potential risk to the safety of our families and employees. To ensure that the systems operate safely, it is necessary to check for potential safety hazards on a regular basis and to know the risks of each type of system.

For example, rusted parts in forced air furnaces have the potential to leak carbon monoxide, and deferred maintenance in a steam boiler can result in water damage, potential mold growth, and even burns. Gehringer Mechanical’s HVAC technicians are trained to identify potential threats specific to each type of heating system that they service and provide the appropriate repair.

Preventive maintenance saves you money.

Regular maintenance of your heating system increases the overall efficiency of the system which, in turn, decreases the amount of fuel needed to operate it. The less fuel needed, the less you will be spending to heat your home or business.

You can skip the long wait for peak-season repairs.

During the annual inspection, Gehringer Mechanical’s technicians will identify potential problems and worn components, allowing you to make preemptive repairs and avoid lengthy waits for a repair technician when the Pennsylvania winter hits.

You avoid expensive replacements.

During the annual inspection of your heating system, Gehringer Mechanical’s HVAC technicians will identify minor issues such as blocked pipes and worn out filters before they cause a major failure that could require a full heating system overhaul or replacement.

Are you still on the fence? Contact us for additional information or to schedule your annual heating system for inspection or service.

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