Why Is My House So Hot in Pennsylvania?

From Fleetwood to Pottstown to Boyertown, Pennsylvania can be a hot place to live in the summer. If the summer heat has you longing for crisp autumn evenings, consider the following solutions to cool down your home. Fans Sometimes you just need a simple solution to reduce indoor temperatures. Fans […]

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Winterizing Your Home: Keeping Your Pipes from Freezing

Winters can be quite brutal in our part of the country and, in turn, can wreak havoc on water pipes. If your pipes freeze, they could burst as the frozen water expands. Burst pipes can mean potentially thousands of dollars to replace them and to repair water damage as they […]

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Should You Buy A Smart Thermostat?

Smart thermostats are the latest rage in household technologies. The market is flooded with many different models with all sorts of features. Are they worth the expense? Back in the 20th century, thermostats could only do a few things. They could be set to run the home heating unit or […]

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Fixing A Toilet That Won’t Stop Running

A running toilet, whether it constantly runs or cycles through periodic flushes, can be one of the most aggravating and potentially expensive plumbing problems you can have. Hundreds of gallons of water can be wasted, costing you a lot of money if the problem isn’t fixed. The most common cause […]

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Getting Your Home Ready For Warm Weather

Warm and muggy weather conditions are to be expected during the Summer season. On some days you simply can’t survive without an efficient HVAC system in place. When you need to service your home’s HVAC system, hiring the right team of professionals is essential. Choosing a company which offers air […]

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