Thursday, July 20, 2017
Each season has its own types of home maintenance and preparation, and autumn is no exception. You start to notice that it is getting chilly at night; this is your hint to get ready for winter.

Winter-Proof Your Plumbing

Prevent frozen pipes by having your pipes professionally checked. We can be sure they have enough heat tape and insulation and that the heat tape is functioning well. Have the pipes evaluated to make sure there are no leaks and that the pipes are in good condition. Inspecting now can make sure your water keeps flowing even after it's freezing outside.

Preventative Plumbing Maintenance

Fall is a good time to have preventative maintenance done on your plumbing. You make sure that the wear of summer use hasn't caused difficulties, and lower your chances of having to have work done in the dead of winter. Have your hot water heater inspected to be sure there are no leaks or worn pipe. Make sure your garbage disposal is functioning well for increased load of the holidays. Have your drains and sewer system assessed to be sure they are working well before the ground freezes.

Home Furnace and Air Conditioning Maintenance

Fall is the perfect time to have maintenance done for your home climate control system. A qualified HVAC technician can evaluate wear and tear in your home cooling system after a summer of keeping your home cool, checking coolant levels, cleaning coils and vents, and checking drainage and electrical connections. This helps to ensure that it winters well and is ready for use when it gets warm again.
Then the maintenance technician can make sure your furnace is ready for the increasingly chill temperatures that lead up to winter. If you heat with fuel or gas, they can make sure the fuel connections and pressure are in good shape.  If you have an electric heat system, they can evaluate the electrical connections. They will clean or replace any dirty, worn, or damaged parts. They can clean the vents and make sure the ventilation system is in good shape for use. They will check the filter and change it if needed and will be sure your thermostat is properly calibrated.
It is better to have your HVAC and plumbing systems winter-ready before it is below freezing with snow and ice. A little care in the fall will keep you comfortable all winter long.
We serve the cities of Pottstown, Boyertown, Reading, Collegeville, Gilbertsville, Douglassville, Phoenixville, Oley, Fleetwood, Royersford, and East Greenville. Contact us for more information or to request a service!  
Monday, July 10, 2017
Escaping searing summer heat by walking through your home's entry and feeling that blast of cold air is incredibly refreshing. More chilling, however, is how an HVAC may be affecting your respiratory system. Is the air quality of your A/C saturated home setting up everyone in the household for summer colds? Don't let summer vacay plans get spoiled with a round of respiratory illness. Instead, improve the air quality of your home.

Know Your Enemy:

Summer colds are not caused by the temperature of the air. They are caused by the viruses suspended and traveling through the air. Cold and flu viruses thrive when humidity is relatively low, like below 43%. Air conditioning can dry the air. 

Your Natural Defenses:

The human body's natural barrier to cold and flu viruses is the mucous lining in the nose. If the air quality of your living environment is dry, naturally, that barrier will dry out as well. A dry nose is like laying out the welcome mat for a cold or flu virus invasion.

Recognize Cold & Flu Impostors:

Allergy symptoms mimic the conditions of a cold. If a home's HVAC system is not equipped with high quality air filters, sensitive household members could be battling "summer colds" all season long.

Craft Your Strategy:

Air quality experts agree on the following steps as a proven strategy to improve the quality of the air in your home and enjoy better health all summer long:
  • Get an HVAC system serviced before high usage summer months
  • Install a humidification system
  • Use high quality HEPA air filters designed to capture pollen and particles that irritate the human immune system and change them frequently
  • Install a high efficiency air cleaner, like a whole house air purification system
  • Integrate ultraviolet lighting into an HVAC system to improve air quality with the latest technology that kills mold and bacteria
To speak to an air quality expert about your plan to avoid summer colds, please contact the professionals at Gehringer Mechanical.
Thursday, June 15, 2017
Ok, so it's not really a flood, it only seems that way. What is happening? Why is water coming from your air handler closet? It's a simple fix really.
There is a pan under your air conditioner that collects condensation from the coils of your cooling elements. This condensation drips down and collects in the pan and then drains outside. If this line becomes obstructed at the outlet, by dirt, grass or mulch it will back up into the pan, causing the pan to overflow onto your floor. Another culprit could be mildew and mold that has built up in the drain line which will also cause it to clog and back up. A capful of bleach poured into the drain pipe will get rid of the enough of it to make it flow again.
Your central air conditioning system is nothing more than a big dehumidifier. As warm, humid air that's within your home moves through your system, the moisture is removed from the air and eventually collects on these coils and then your pan. You can do your part as well by ensuring your windows are closed and latched and that the weather stripping around exterior is intact and provides an air tight seal, keeping warm humid air out. 
If you're still having troubles with your central air conditioning system, call the experts at Gehringer Mechanical. Gehringer Mechanical has been serving the ac, plumbing and electrical needs in Boyertown and surrounding areas for over 20 years. Give us a call today or visit us on the web.
Tuesday, June 13, 2017
Homeowners are commonly reminded by public services announcements that Spring is the perfect time to prepare their HVAC system for Summer. Did you know that it is also the perfect time for an exterior lighting upgrade? It won't be long before everyone is poolside long after sunset or enjoying patio parties that linger late into the night. Here are the top 4 exterior lighting trends you may want for illuminating your fun-filled backyard Summer nights.

1. LED:

This type of lighting is practical, affordable and versatile. It is easy to find interesting LED fixtures for any architectural or landscape feature. Light up doorways, paths, gardens and pools with colorful choices.

2. Pendants:

Where can you hang fantastic lighting fixtures? They can go anywhere, like tree branches, eaves, alcoves, pergolas or any other place your heart desires. 

3. Floating Lights:

New technology is taking lights out of the confines of pool walls and onto the water's surface for a softer effect. Floating lights create an almost ethereal ambiance.

4. Hardscape Underlighting:

Not every Summer night will be moonlit. But your party can still enjoy the feel of lunar lighting. Hardscape underlighting simulates the soft, natural glow of moonlight while also enhancing safety. 
Residents of Berks, Bucks, Chester and Montgomery counties have been trusting their outdoor electrical needs to Gehringer Mechanical for more than 20 years. Our exterior lighting professionals have the expertise to get your backyard patio and pool ready for many Summer nights of outdoor entertainment. Please contact us and request a free estimate or schedule a service call today.
Monday, May 15, 2017
Spring has sprung for many and Summer is fast approaching. Although milder weather is a welcome arrival after months of being shut up, trying to keep the cold at bay, changing seasons are accompanied by a change in air quality.
For allergy sufferers, Spring and Summer can be bittersweet. Here's how a service call from your local HVAC professional can alleviate your problem so you can get the most pleasure out of Spring and Summer weather.

1. Inspection:

Before you crank on the A/C, schedule an inspection from a qualified professional. Identify and resolve air quality problems before they make you sick.

2. Filters:

Use the highest quality air filters designed to remove more allergens than standard air filters. Your HVAC professional can advise you on the best brand for your particular allergy problems as well as what is best suited for your air conditioning system.

3. Outdoor Equipment:

During winter months, debris may have collected in your outside A/C unit. All the air that comes inside is delivered from the outside through that unit. Want the cleanest air possible? Get your outside unit cleaned by an expert.

4. Ducts:

Mold thrives where it's humid, moist, and dark. That describes the ventilation ducts in your home perfectly. And you don't have to have allergy sensitivities to get sick from mold. Get ducts inspected and cleaned by technicians before airflow starts picking up mold spores for you to breathe into your lungs.

5. Vents & Registers:

You don't need to call in a professional to find out if dust is a problem. Just take a look at your vents and registers. If a layer of dust coats them, that stuff is in the air! Clean vents and registers weekly to minimize the amount of dust particles being picked up and circulated as air flows through.
Start out on the right foot this Spring and Summer. Stay healthy throughout the season with improved air quality in your home. Call us and schedule an inspection and seasonal service today for your home's A/C system.
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